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3Edge Technovision has it's Headquarter in Jaipur India and has offices in USA & United Kingdom. All great ideas require sound expertise in order to come to fruition. In 2016, with this dictum at the forefront of our roots, we launched 3Edge Technovision, which has today proliferated into a proud torchbearer in the space of custom software, mobile and web application development, for clients across the globe.

We service a variety of industries including eCommerce, mCommerce, IoT, Wearables, AR/VR, cross-platform, on-demand, enterprise mobility amongst others. With the business of a multitude of successful startups and established companies under our belt, we have humbly flourished into one of the leading app development companies in the UK, UAE and Australia.

We offer software development solutions ranging from business analytics to delivery and launch. We blend innovative methodologies, bona fide digital techniques and proficient domain expertise to deliver high quality outputs. The diverse and unique set of skills and knowledge we bring to the table allow us to mold even the broadest of concepts into a fine tuned result perfectly complying to your vision.


Recognition And Awards

Since 2016, 3Edge Technovision has earned huge honors and acknowledgments for maintaining the good work.
This showcases the commitment of our experts towards accomplishing greatness in every project they undertake.

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Our Expertise

Conquering a wide array of languages enables us to give you best- in- class solutions by granting us
the aptitude and dexterity to develop scalable and extensible software and mobile applications.

  • 10+Years of Industry EXPERIENCE
  • 500+ Completed Projects
  • 50+ Employees
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Trending Solutions

New technologies are reshaping our tech world more quickly than ever by evolving at breakneck speed.
By mastering the latest mutations in the world of tech, we hold the key to unlocking the holistic potential of your business.

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Internet Of Thing

Triumph today is dictated by an ability to drive new value. To open up new opportunities for your business to lend you an ascendancy over your peers, we design and develop custom Internet of Things (IOT) mobile applications and firmware, providing a sustainable and friendly digital infrastructure throughout. This allows you to compress development cycles, set up a common ground for defining and communicating visions and regulations and unleash new possibilities that help you catalyze your business.

Our development range includes services ranging from housing solutions to ticket booking systems and markets stretching from automotives to health, retail, entertainment and manufacturing.To ensure that we grab a hold of the endless leeways by connecting different IoT devices with mobile apps to markets like, we offer -

  • IoT Consultancy
  • IoT Mobile App Development
  • Backend & API development
  • IoT Gateway Development
  • Software for Wearables
  • Firmware Development
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Machine Learning

3Edge Technovision offers many organizations from different industries a chance to metamorphose their business processes to intelligent autonomous operations by delivering machine learning services. This automation revolutionises functioning, assures faster decision making and increased productivity while reducing employee burnout. Our team develops the system, trains, validates, optimizes, deploys and tests the machine learning models using the latest tools and technologies, giving you a much needed edge in a cut-throat market space.

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At 3Edge Technovision, we envisage the bigger picture and telescope our vision to ensure a long lasting run and continual growth. The development of futuristic AR/VR solutions provides a creative and transformative opportunity to your business to attain next-level status and dip toes in market areas that are yet to be tapped. Our strategy encompasses disrupting the boundaries of the current market, taking action focusing on far- sighted, long term durability, and permeating through new opportunities outside the existing market.

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Business Analytics

Organizations acquire a massive flow of data from business operations, social interactions, sensors etc. We step in and take the lead to help harness the power of this data, to build solutions and provide insights that lead to a sustainable advantage. Our business analytics have helped companies optimize their growth and drive revenue. We consolidate a data and business centric approach with a user centric approach to steer businesses in a direction that lets them improve their efficiency, increase user retention, reduce costs, increase competitiveness and effectively trade off risks against available opportunities.

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Cloud Computing

3Edge Technovision's experts possess the know-how to develop many a Cloud-based solution based on your business needs that provide a safe, seamless and rapid migration of your business and customer-centred applications to the Cloud. We merge the servers, databases and apps to Cloud environments, ensuring project scalability and flexibility. Some of the cloud computing services and solutions that we offer include-

  • Cloud App Development
  • Cloud Configuration
  • Migration to Cloud
  • Integration and Consolidation
  • Cloud Server Solutions
  • Cloud Security
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