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Our customer, Seven Telematics, is a UK-based manufacturer of Transcan® temperature data loggers, one of the world's most popular monitoring device in the logistics industry. Founded in 1991, the company has been at the forefront of logistics innovation since, and their decision to top up their product range with a comprehensive fleet monitoring system was to further solidify their market position.

Iflexion was honored to become the technology partner of their choice, joining Seven Telematics on the project. The paramount goal was to create a multi-functional web-based logistics application, with additional services in mobile app development to make the service fully accessible across platforms and devices.

Recognized for its market-leading cargo temperature tracking technology, Seven Telematics tasked our logistics app development team with integrating it into a new comprehensive system that would provide the following capabilities:

  • End-to-end fleet tracking via a built-in geolocation module
  • Real-time and historic analysis and visualization of driver, vehicle and depot data
  • Alerts and notifications to drivers and fleet managers on a range of parameters
  • Exceptional usability across the web, iOS and Android versions of the system

The system provides GPS-based tracking of individual vehicles or groups of vehicles via both real-time and historic ‘snail trails’. Fleet managers can make use of live vehicle search, look up drivers’ road event history, and analyze traffic in real time based on integrated satellite data.

The built-in Asset List module allows multiple grouping and sorting options to facilitate management of large fleets. Users can also invoke context menus by hovering over asset icons or the map.

Two more handy features, Fleet Tables and Fleet Metrics, allow users to create point-in-time snapshots with the latest telemetry data for the fleet and to calculate data for each asset within a particular time range, respectively.

The logistics app development project between Iflexion and Seven Telematics proved to be a success as the company reinforced its market positioning as a progressive telemetry technology provider with their new fleet tracking and management system called SevenEye®.

Accessible on web, iOS and Android platforms, the solution fulfils several critical objectives. With its advanced vehicle and temperature tracking features, it ensures real-time vehicle condition check and timely cargo delivery while improving driver safety in general. It also helps fleet managers raise the efficiency of their depots by providing visibility into fleet performance and mitigating potential risks of road emergency.


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