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One of the leading services of 3Edge Technovision is Sports & gaming App Development. We have skilled developers who hold great expertise in sports app development allowing us to buil thrilling apps for games, cricket games and sports website design.

In this arena of technology, we have created the sports & gaming app according to the users’ fun and has driven exceptional user involvment.

We understand that from early video gaming, the technology and player's comfort have been the two primary parameters for the gaming industry in conversions. In today's era, however, the emergence of social networks, smartphones & tablets introduced new categories such as social games which are highly popular. Today’s games offer photorealistic graphics & reality to an extent. The important aspects are the first generation of games are now grown with significant power; therefore, despite high penetration rates among kids, games can no longer be considered solely a child’s play.

Our Expertise

Sports Mobile Games

Sports & gaming users are growing each day in the world. To match the exceptional level of the global market, we as a leading Sports & Gaming App Development Company has worked out a combined approach under a roof to make the best of it.

In terms of sports & gamingg app development, we are capable enough to deliver an app that will cater to all the sports games and leagues like golf, soccer, basketball, etc. We also make sure that the apps are designed according to the clients’ requirementsand target audience.

Sports Software & Web

Beside of the fact that sports applications are more in trend, however, we also develop sports software solutions & web applications for both sports and event as well. We develop sports solutions, we cannot forget webware for sports news, feeds, etc. to grab user involvment to maximum ROI.

Fantasy Sports Software

The world has gone crazy over fantasy sports games. And we have made fantasy sports games even more addictive and engaging by doping them with so many amazing features and functionalities that never let any user have enough of the Fantasy Sports Application. We know how to drive attention and keep the game interesting.

Sports Betting Softwares

Betting game is another interesting game from the top gaming list that we develop. Our betting sports apps are available in both Android and iOS to keep all players involved in the ultimate betting experience that never end out of excitement.

Live Score Solutions

Important feature from the top list of our sports mobile applications, live score allows users to get live score update right on their mobile apps screen. This functionalioty keeps users updated in the hours of hectic schedules where they cannot catch up with live games. Hence, including this feature is welcome by every sports fan in the world.

Live Streaming Solutions

We include this feature in almost all sports mobile apps. With Live streaming within the app, users can watch live games from their phones anywhere they want as long as they are connected to an uninterrupted internet connection. Loading up the sports app with such feature makes that sports app one-stop solutions for the sports fans.

League Management Software

For all the fantasy sports fans, our smart yet simple league management software allows them to manage their fantasy sports team, check drafts, draft their teams, modify their drafts, check live roasters, read live news about the team players as well which help them to draft a winning team for their next game.

Sports Data Management

Sports is a multibillion-dollar business and success depends increasingly on its data: player statistics, ticket and merchandise sales, media contracts, and licensing deals. 3edge Technovision offers winning sports data management and easy-to-use analytics that our clients trust. You can always rely on the precision and accuracy of our solutions.

Sports Analytics Solutions

At 3Edge Technovision, we develop and implement customized sports analytics and performance data software curated to the requirements of sports teams and sportsmen for real-time predictive insights through game analysis applications, motion analysis solutions, camera/wearable sensor applications development among all other solutions.

AR/VR Sports games

Our mesmerizing AR/VR sports games applications help players to sweat it out in the real world while keeping them involved in virtual games. We works with the technology as motions sensors, gyroscope, AR/VR technologies, AR/VR headsets, etc. to provide an unteachable experience that keeps players active.

Sports Club Management

At 3Edge Technovision, our designer and developers create versatile and intuitive club management system solutions that provide and manage various club activities such as member registration, registration for various regular and vacation batches and more with higher efficiency and while saving a lot of costs.

Fitness Club Management

3Edge Technovision has a in-depth knowledge and experencied team for developing customized sports management solutions for fitness centers, and sports medicine practices. We have in-house on-demand team to develop and to assist you in getting through your sports management target while minimizing complex strategies.

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3Edge Technovision Advantage

Accessible Solutions

Our development and designing experts intelligently minimize the business challenges and put the technology to the best use that is simple & smart.

Personalized to the Core

We build, develop, and design web & mobile apps that are made only for your specific goals so that you can achieve that maximum results.

Reimagined Scalability

We understand growth and changes are important for your business. Therefore, we offer your business solutions that adapt to changes effortlessly.

Multichannel Approach

Our multichannel approach helps businesses to spread their reach everywhere regardless of device platforms (Android, iOS, AR/VR, IoT, etc.)

Extensive Support

3edgetechnovision leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing uncompromised client support to enhance their overall experience.

New Age Technology

We are always ready to work on your next idea or vision with our new age technologies – AR/VR, blockchain, cloud computing, IoT, AI, etc.

Quality Assurance

When you work with us, you can rest assured that you are going to receive the world-class quality of digital products and solutions that you can trust.

Secure Infrastructure

At 3edgetechnovision, we leverage only proven and trusted tools and security compliances so that you can grow your business without security concerns.

Mobile apps spanning
a range of industries

When it comes to any need related to application development, we have solutions for just about all industries and niches. We rank among the world’s top mobile app development companies list.

Innovative Technologies

We build the foundation for cognitive business by working with complex technologies and rapidly evolving business environment, to offer project performance optimization.


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